Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's a little quick work out that I do, loses weight very quick and efficient!

Up early at 4am, I start my morning off with 2 things
1. Black cup of coffee
2. 2 oz of apple cider vinegar mixed with water
Then, I go out for a nice walk along the beach wall. about 1.3miles round trip. - takes about a half hour of walking slowly

This boosts your metabolism all day, basically making you lose weight slowly at all times.

I come back, and make myself a simple breakfast
1. 2 fried eggs on a non-stick frying pan no oil or anything, just eggs.
2. 2 pieces of 100% wheat bread toast, very light margarine.

Now, we got a healthy breakfast at around 6am filled with carbs and protein. The reason why I have this AFTER my walk is because it's never good to eat an exercise at the same time or near the same time. Always better to wait 2 hours after eating to workout

So, for my next workout I do weights. I've found a low weight, and lots of reps to be the best. So I put on 50 pounds, and do about 2 sets, 40 reps each on bench press, military press, and double arm curls. After that,  about 40 sit ups, 40 reverse sit ups, and 30 crunches.

About right after the workout, I have a ton of water, and an apple. this is a small snack, good for you, and bids you off till lunch time! I have this around 10am

Time for lunch!

I usually make myself the same thing for lunch and dinner..steak and rice!

What you will need
Non stick frying pan
Big enough pan with a cover/cap, a plate can work too, if needed.
1/3rd steak per meal
olive oil
garlic powder

I take 1 cup of white rice, 2 cups of water, little bit of olive oil, and a little garlic powder (to keep the water from over-frothing)  put it in the pan, turn it on low heat..leave it alone for 20 minutes, then, after those 20 minutes I open it up, leave it open and on low heat for another 5, perfect steamed white rice

about 10 minutes into the rice cooking, I prepare my steak by cutting it into little pieces, and moving it around in a nice bowl with a little soy sauce, making sure its all covered with it! From there, I put on the frying pan high heat, no oil, and throw all the steak into it at once, and basically stir-fry it..draining the juices into the sink after they're all cooked, and putting it on high heat again, to give it a little more crispy-fried taste to it.

From there, it's up to you..mix it all together and have wonderful steak and rice, I would suggest adding more soy sauce to the rice if this what you wanna do, or just serve separately as is.

This is a great meal and is filled with carbs and protein, and it fills you up great! It can be done with pork (fat cut out) or skinless chicken breast as well. I try to have this around 12-1pm.

Time for another walk! same way, another 1.3mile. I do this around 3-4 pm only takes 30-45minutes

Dinner! I usually have the same thing as lunch, so there we go..I eat around 5-6,  and nothing else after that except for water/diet soda.

and there we go, a very simple plan to lose weight! You can substitute anything into that that is high in protein and carbs, low in fat. I suggest taking a multi vitamin as it helps cover all around your bodies needs. I did this the entire week, and lost 10 pounds off the starving, still eating delicious, and spacing out my eating with workouts and small snacks to maintain my metabolism!

Good luck out there.


  1. Your program sounds great. I will think about it.

  2. I'd try it if I had pounds to loose, but right now what I need is a strenght training plan!
    Good job though, keep it up (;

  3. Thanks, I will use this, I hope! ^^ haha