Saturday, September 4, 2010

building strength

Some people don't know how easy it can be to build strength. No, I'm not talking about massive muscle for showing off, I mean REAL strength, defined muscle.

How would one go about this? Well, It's pretty simple. Eat lots of protein, and lots of carbs. Stuff you want to eat more of is lean meats (Chicken, Turkey both skinless) Quaker oats, nuts, rice, lots of vegetables (raw, steamed), wheat bread, and eggs.
The best way to prepare meals is either grilling, steaming, or broiling. No oils, no skins, just lean and mean meats and other high protein foods.

Now, you wanna get some defined muscle eh? Good. Start by getting some weights..simple 5, 10,15 pound hand weights, and a weight bench with a bar and the same type..5, 10, 15 pound weights.

Start off with good stretching and warm ups, this will help your effectiveness.

Look around for proper form in lifting weights, you can hurt yourself if you don't! Now, start off easy. Take a 5 pound weight, and do some lifting for as many repetitions as you can. I started off with 5 pound weights, doing about 75 curls each arm. Once you feel the burn, thats good, go till you literally can't lift any more. That's your goal now, once you find the amount that you can do till you cant anymore, round it off to the nearest even number..and do that every day for a week. Once you get to around 200 reps, switch to a higher weight, following the same process.

What kind of lifting should you look into? Bench Press, Military Press, Arm Curls, Leg Curls, weighted sit ups. These basic lifting processes should focus on each muscle group. Also; running for as long as you can really helps out those legs and the rest of the body! All you gotta do is get some running shoes ($15.00 on amazon) some comfortable clothes..go out, and run for as long as you can! Doesn't matter if its a few seconds or a few minutes..just run till you can't..walk for a minute..then run again!

I hope this covers most of how to build REAL strength. No one is gonna go from flab to body-builder without some serious weight lifting and steroids, you wanna become strong, not sculpted.

As with everything involving your body, please check with your doctor first. If it seems too tough for you at first, just lower the weight and build at it over time, your body will get used to it over time

Disclaimer: When using this or any guide, you take full responsibility of your actions. I cannot stress enough checking with your doctor first before doing anything